finding a perfect balance

Creating a brand identity is a challenging endeavour as it involves quite an extensive list of elements to get right. It might be a one-time phenomenon of your life or one of many ventures you may want to make it a great success and your passion is as important as how well you would present it in front of the world. Your logo, colour scheme, domain name, website design, tone of your content on social media channels; every single element of branding has to be in tune with your potential customer’s experience.

Colour Scheme Creation

Choosing the right colour for your brand is very important. At the same time, it is probably the most difficult decision to take, considering all the beautiful blooms at your disposal. Luckily in branding, every colour reflects a distinct meaning you would want to associate your brand with.

In this case study, we helped our client Saahaas to make an informed decision for choosing the hottest and the most popular colour palette. The purple colour stands for nobility and wisdom with the combination of blue that means trust. In fact, the brand Saahas lives and breaths in these principles.

Logo Design

As colours in your logo reflect what you stand for, on the other hand, the graphics on it gives you the identity who you are as a brand. It is basically recording those elements of the representation in a specific shape, colour or an image.

In this case, Saahaas has a very significant meaning in their logo graphics that are very personal to them as well. A bird trying to break its boundaries which is courageous and that’s what the term Saahaas means. Of course, it took many sketches and iterations until we achieved the final results that you can see here.

Corporate Theme Development

Once we have our colours and the logo finalised, we need to work out our corporate theme. It’s a theme that will appear on our entire business scheme; our stationary, website, apps, business card, product labels etc. It can be as simple as just a logo on a clean, white background or few colour plates running at a planned space. The simpler, the better. For example in Saahaas case, we have wavy two coloured plates running vertically on the left side.

The corporate theme has to be the second unique identity for your business after your logo, that can sometimes be registered as your trademark, if necessary. The most popular way of using the corporate theme is on the product labels. By the way, we also help our clients with designing labels for their beautiful products. 

Logo Animation

In the age of social media where you need to have your presence on as many channels as you can cover, or required in some cases, your animated logo can be very helpful. It will make your promotional or product video look very professional.

We help our customers with this service in a very efficient way. As we develop the original static logo, we optimise all of those elements during the process that are crucial for sleek animation. The results we get out of this planned procedure is phenomenal. You can see in Saahaas case, how elegant, simple things look.